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Reseach Interests

My current research interests lie in the field of machine learning, including statistical learning and deep learning as well as their applications on computer vision, natural language processing and computational sustainability.


Jun.2017 - Sep.2017
Research Intern at Institude of Computational Sustainability, Cornell University
Advised by Prof. Carla P. Gomes

Sep.2016 - Present
Undergraduate Researcher at Natural Language Processing Lab, Tsinghua University
Advised by Prof. Zhiyuan Liu

Dec.2016 - Jun.2017
Research Intern at Recognition and Detection Group, SenseTime Group Limited
Advised by Dr. Shuai Yi and Dr. Junjie Yan

Publications and Manuscripts

  • Multi-Entity Dependence Learning with Rich Context via Conditional Variational Auto-encoder
    Luming Tang, Yexiang Xue, Di Chen, Carla P. Gomes.
    to appear in Thirty-Second AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-18). [ arXiv ]

  • Orientation Invariant Feature Embedding and Spatial Temporal Regularization for Vehicle Re-identification
    Zhongdao Wang*, Luming Tang*, Xihui Liu, Zhuliang Yao, Shuai Yi, Jing Shao, Junjie Yan, Shengjin Wang, Hongsheng Li, Xiaogang Wang. (* indicates equal contribution)
    in IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV 2017). [ Paper ]

  • Hierarchical Deep Recurrent Architecture for Video Understanding
    Luming Tang, Boyang Deng, Haiyu Zhao, Shuai Yi.
    in CVPR 2017 Workshop on Youtube-8M Large-Scale Video Understanding. [ Paper ] [ Code ]


  • Neural Relation Extraction implemented with Attention Based LSTM in TensorFlow. [ Code ]


  • Rich Contexted Based Video Understanding: from Vehicle Re-ID to Youtube8M Challenge [ PPT ] [ PDF ]
    invited talk at Disney Research Pittsburgh (hosted by Dr. Alber Li) and Informedia Lab (hosted by Prof. Alex Hauptmann) in Carnegie Mellon University, Sep.2017

  • When Deep Learning Met Computational Sustainability [ PPT ] [ PDF ]
    farewell talk at Computational Sustainability Lab (hosted by Prof. Carla P. Gomes) in Cornell University, Sep.2017